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Water-propelled eye massager
with cool and warm compress
Tasting the bits and pieces of life begins with a whole new vision.
Cool & Warm compress | Water-propelled massage
Temperature consistency | Ultrasonic processed
Medical graded eco-friendly materials
US$ 290
Water-propelled eye massager
with cool and warm compress.
Granted with iF Design Award in Germany and Good Design Award in Japan. These recognized not just our continuous pursuit of product perfection, but also acknowledged the quality of product.
    Awakening touch from water.
Water - exquisite and gentle a purely soul journey.
Conveying the fine details of combination of
technology and humanities around eye.
More direct sensation, Profound experience.
Combining cool and warm to exceed traditional enjoyment.
A whole new horizon in 6 minutes.
Simply switch between cool and warm in a touch of a button.
Indulge a moment of serenity from busy routines.
With a simple press on a button to bring the chill from Alps.
Another touch to be embraced in warmth of Santorini.
Rejuvenate your horizon on your fingertips.
Water, ripple.
Water-propelled massage.
Minify the power of water in the space of two fingers.
With breathing-like rhythm, it gently massages your eyes
as if fingers dancing around the eyes. Let your physically and mentally stressed state, to be relieved.
Leisurely, gracefully, gradually change.
Constant cool and warm temperature.
Enjoy gradual temperature changes in silence.
Comfy temperature gently runs around the eyes.
Close your eyes, attentively feel the surroundings.
Gentle touch, breathing-like mask.
Medical graded Eco-friendly materials.
Use of medical graded silicone material, which is skin-friendly, reduces allergens. With its soft and delicate texture, considerately covers different face shapes. Represent the creator's thoughtfulness.
Ultrasound fusion, crack the secret of water.
Ultrasonic processed.
20KHz high frequency, is the friction and fusion between materials 
that builds a waterproof wall confining the softness of water
that works for you. 
An intuitive eye mask.
Light, a philosophy of life.
Blue breathing light, gradually dim and on, representing the philosophy of life. Handle stressful daily life in a calm, relaxed manner.
Enjoy a comfortable, easy life.