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The world's first water-propelled eye massager at IFA 2017

BERLIN-(September 1, 2017)-In-Trust, a technology company focuses on creating in-home relaxation and lifestyle products, today debuts Aurai, the world's first water-propelled eye massager with both cool and warm compress. Demos of the product and executive interviews are happening at the booth 152 of hall 26.

From surfing through virtual gaming world with your VR gadget to checking out what's going on with your friends on social media accounts with your smart phone, our eyes are constantly working and put under strain. Staring at screens at work for hours and visually entertaining ourselves with network channels at night cause irritation and fatigue to our eyes. Helping to relieve such discomfort, Aurai introduces the world's first eye massager that applies both warm and cool compresses to stimulate and relax the muscles around your eyes. With both cool and warm temperature settings along with optional vibration pulses, Aurai improves blood circulation by creating a gentle and soothing water massage to relieve stresses, tension around your eyes and rejuvenate yourself. The ultra-lightweight, compact and cordless design allows for ultimate portability so you can bring Aurai wherever your adventures take you, ensuring your eyes are rested and prepared for your next challenge.

Aurai's automatic temperature controls provide both cool and warm temperatures at a consistent level as well as vibration settings to improve blood circulation, helping to reduce dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and alleviate sleep disorders. Use of water to propel the massager maintains and protects skin moisture to prevent over-drying. The ultra-lightweight design features a rechargeable battery for cordless and portable use. Aurai features a hypo-allergenic and flexible silicone face mask that fits the curvature of every face-shape for extra comfort. Aurai will be available in February 2018 at i-aurai.com