The Team – We focus on bringing products for the care of health and life.

How did we get here?


Eric, our Co-Founder, had a father-in- law who was suffering from constant eye fatigue, showing signs of eye strain, migraines, irritation and puffiness, and could not find any relief. No product currently on the market did the job.

We were determined to create a product that would be a dependable, reliable, easy, fast and effective way to make Eric’s father-in- law feel better.

Throughout our development, we looked into studies on eye strain and found that approximately one-third of adults (30%) spend more than 9 hours per day using looking at a screen and nearly 7 in 10 millennials report having symptoms of DES or “Digital Eye Strain” (The Vision Council, 2015 Digital Eye Strain Report).

We formed a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals, focusing on both consumer electronics and health care product design.

Through countless brainstorms and experiments, we finally came up the design of the core control unit that steadily provides both cool and warm, thereby granting it with patent in 11 countries. We combined our design and IE capabilities to materialize this brilliant idea into real product.


Eric Chu

Program Management and Engineering

Eric managed product development for various branded suppliers at Pegatron. The team was built by him at Pegatron Suzhou. Eric has earned the credit of risk and communication management. He graduated from the Concordia University of Wisconsin, USA with a Master in MBA.


Iverson Peng

Project Management and Engineering

Iverson was responsible for the product development of HP’s first high-end workstation at Pegatron. He is passionate about new products, loves team communication and complex problem analysis. Iverson earned his Bachelors degree from Anhui Polytechnic University, China.


Geoffrey Sung

Industrial Design and Marketing

Geoffrey joined In-Trust as a co-partner and Design Director. Geoffrey led the team that created the first mini tower system at Pegatron. He has earned numerous international design awards and enthusiastic about “Design for Solution”. Geoffrey had studied from Art Center College of Design, USA in Product Design and Entertainment Design track.


Jill Yang

Marketing and Sales

Jill has rich experiences in dealing with suppliers and coordination of stakeholders in the Supply Chain of Apparel and Fashion industry. She has a strong sense of understanding customer’s needs from her exposures in customer service sector in the Australian Travel Industry. Jill graduated from Deakin University, Australia with a Bachelors degree of Business in International Trade.


Nicholas Lee

Marketing and Sales

Nicholas has 10 years of experience in catering needs of buyers from multi-national brands in the Apparel and Fashion industry in Europe and China. He also has had exposure to Order of Management in the China. Nicholas has a Bachelors degree in Business and Marketing from Monash University, Australia.


Jimmy Yang

Project Management and Engineering

Jimmy was responsible for both quality assurance and product development in food manufacture industry. He is enthusiastic and creative in exploring what’s needed in the market, and strive to turn these demands into reality. His personality of being precise and attention to detail empowers him to perform in different realms of expertise. Jimmy had studied from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

Technology comes from humanity.

Aurai represents the fusion of our knowledge and passion for healthcare, combined with the technology of consumer electronics. With breakthrough innovation and goals for our well-being, Aurai is more than an eye care product; it is a symbol for healthy living.