Our design never compromise


“A tree should grow taller, accept more brightness, then its root must be deeper and darker”. At present, we’re working on the product improvement and amendment for better user experience.

Putting ourselves in user’s perspective in the best way to review our design and development aspects, 
enabling us to develop something that really appeals to the public.

We’re so thrilled that the overall design of Aurai has been finalized early this year. Winning the 
Good Design Award 2015 in Japan and iF Design Award 2016 in Germany has been so encouraging to us and marking some milestones for Aurai. But these accomplishments won’t stop us from striving for better ideas and delivering more promising and user-friendly designs and products in the future.

Most importantly, having your support for Aurai will make a difference in bringing this great technology to life. Support from every of you will count, please spread out the words with your loved ones and friends on one of our social media accounts below and follow us on: http://i-aurai.com/