Yoohoo! Aurai just won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2016!


On 26 January 2016, Hannover, Germany, Aurai eye care proudly received iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 in the discipline of product design from iF International Forum Design.

“It’s a remarkable milestone for Aurai and every member of our team and it’ll definitely be a strong message to draw attention of potential backers and reinforce the product image in the eyes of those already have interests in Aurai.” shared by Eric, co-founder of the firm.

“A good product design is a two-way mirror: one is the aesthetics leading to the attraction, another is the logical thinking to help problem solving.”Geoffrey Sung, industrial designer of Aurai eye care added.

For more than 60 years, iF International Forum Design has been organizing one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world: every year, companies subject their products and services to the rigorous testing of the iF DESIGN AWARD and appreciate its high value to recognize and celebrate creativity, innovation and those pushing the bounds of creative excellence in all forms of design aspects.

The iF International Forum Design stands apart by offering a true competitive environment where entries are judged by 58 strong juries comprised of international experts. Companies from more than 50 countries and across five continents participate in its award competition and choose to invest their efforts and resources for the opportunity and to be recognized as an iF winner. The iF International Forum Design grants awards in seven disciplines each year: product design, communication design, packaging design, service design, professional concepts and architecture and interior architecture.

If you want to be one of the first owners of iF design winner, stay tuned with our newsletters for the progress of the project and the official launch on Kickstarter. Please spread the words with your loved ones on one of our social media accounts below and follow us on: http://i-aurai.com/earlybird/

Aurai Team