Eyes are the window to the soul.

We’re becoming more and more digitized as more of our hobbies and activities are moving online. Modern technology has us looking at screens for most hours of the day, while this is amazing and is a favorite pastime for most of us, it takes a toll on eyes.

According to the 2016 Digital Eye Strain Report by the Vision Council, almost 9 out of 10 Americans use digital devices for two or more hours each day. While nearly 60% of Americans use digital devices for five or more hours daily, 70% of people use two or more devices simultaneously.

Dr. Peter Pan

  • Director of Pan Eyes Clinic
  • Ophthalmology Specialist, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

“Itching, soreness, fatigue, tearing of eyes, even photophobia and blurred vision take up 90% of major issues at my eye clinic.
Cool compress or warm compress with periorbital massage are often adopted as part of my prescription.
So a gentle compress over periorbital area before sleep is recommended for students, hard-working fellows, digital users, and even for those who have trouble to sleep.”

Professor James S. Wolffsohn

  • Deputy Dean, Life and Health Sciences
  • Professor of Optometry, Aston University
  • Adjuct Professor of Optometry, University of Houston

“Digital eye strain associated with various symptoms negatively affects our focus on jobs, performance at work, the decisions we make and even our attitude on daily life. Applying warm compress and cool compress on your eyes at the right, consistent temperature is a very effective way of alleviating digital eye strain. The new technology from Aurai goes further by incorporating gentle massaging effect to cool and warm compresses has the potential to further benefit users.”

The solutions.

When you are preoccupied with screens, your eyes would blink less often which likely develops conditions as redness or burning; and difficulty reading because of discomfort. In such situation, try the cool compress method to relieve the “heat” around your eyes.

Cool compress helps to regulate the blood circulation around your eyes and relieve the strains in your eyes. It is also ideal to apply cool compress to alleviate the conditions associated with inflammation as puffy eyes, dark circles, ocular itching and watery eyes from allergies by slowing metabolic rate and reducing swelling around the eyes.


Warm compress helps stimulate the oil glands and help prevent clotting of oil. This helps retard the evaporation of tears and also improve blood circulation which in turn helps to relax the eyes. It would be difficult to fall asleep when your eyes are strained. At this time, apply warm compress on your eye lids to relieve your eye strains. It would help you to rest better.

Wave massage system.

While other eye massagers utilize rigid vibration, Aurai uses an innovative water massage. The wave massage system utilizes water circulation and waves to massage your eyes and reduce strain without creating any uncomfortable or potentially harming vibrations.

Temperature transfer system.

Our water bag design combined with our temperature transfer system creates consistent temperatures with projected results to either hot, cold, or hot/cold treatment courses. Our innovative system heats or cools the water before flowing it trough the water bag and allows for a temperature change in 2 minutes.

Water bag design.

The innovation in Aurai’s solution comes down to one of the most basic elements of life— water. Our water bag design, created from hypo allergenic silicone, includes a face mask that instantly molds to any face shape, creating the most soothing solution possible.