New eye care product for home healthcare Atlanta MedTrade 2014

In-Trust Technology introduced the world’s first warm and cool eye care massager, Aurai, at Medtrade, Atlanta on 21-23 Oct, 2014.


Over the course of the show, visitors from all over the world demonstrated tremendous interest and gave us positive feedback.

They were not only impressed by the stylish design of Aurai, but enjoyed the comfort and relaxation it delivered.


A gentleman user who fell asleep comfortably before the demo product finished the massage cycle.
Even Mr. Gorilla was drawn to the booth to check this stunning product out.

Some users could not resist the relaxing temptation of Aurai and came back to try it on again in consecutive show days.


A lady user, who was particularly impressed with Aurai, even asked the staff if she could purchase the product immediately from the show. She could not describe how grateful she was to have a nice sleep after using Aurai.

The overwhelming response and valuable comments from users have been both rewarding and motivating to the In-Trust development team.


Aurai is undergoing some final touch-ups and tests for improvement before it rolls out to the market in early 2015.

For those of you who missed Aurai at Medtrade, don’t be disappointed. You can meet this great product in ISPO, Munich, Germany on 5-8 Feb, 2015.